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Find Your Oasis in Aster:

October 25, 2022

How We Got Our Name and Why We Live Up to It

In the founding of our community, Aster, we sought inspiration from the history and beauty around us. We were struck by the wildflowers of Maryland and looked to the Ancient Greeks for further motivation. According to mythology, stardust scattered across Earth when the constellation Virgo formed. Where the stardust landed, the aster flower bloomed. Aster, a Maryland wildflower, holds a lot of symbolism as an emblem of the goddess Venus.  As such, aster signifies patience, love, and wisdom, much like the deity herself. As our neighborhood evolves, we strive to forge a community that reflects the values of aster. Therefore, we have taken this as our namesake and constant reminder of the importance of these qualities.

We believe in the power of connection—a connection to our neighbors, to our lush green environment, and to the vitality that surrounds us—often pouring in from the University of Maryland. We also respect the importance of comfort and change. These two are embodied in equal measure, as often reflected in the feeling of coming home after a long day of work while demonstrating positiveness in the progressive world around us.

Aster is a unique, warm, and thoughtful place to call home. In design, we have sought to create spaces that offer an oasis that cultivates community and creativity. However, we also offer amenities that make life intuitively convenient, as seen through our smart, tech-driven solutions. We believe that this offers our residents a place that is as bold as it is beautiful, that inspires those around us with a vibrancy uniquely found in College Park, that is mature and impactful, and contagiously optimistic.

There is a commendable balance between the convenience of Aster’s location and the spirit of its neighborhood. With every day, Aster blossoms more from within College Park, and while we attribute this to our growing community, we look forward to a lifetime of demonstrating patience, love, and wisdom with those who call ​​Aster home.


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